What is Benefit of Co-working space?

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Our Communities are based on friendship in which you are able to grow as a person. Here, in BONIK is embodied in working alongside your partners and those who shares the same space with you.

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We are providing additional services which can be subscribed on monthly extra payment. YouTube Studio Mail Service Tenant Agreement Receptionist Call Center Agent Dedicated Phone Virtual Agent Venture Capital Locker Service Personal Storage Digital Camera

Bonik Additional Services

The Bonik Connect membership plan provides solid value with a low cost-of-entry. It appeals to prospective members who may be interested in participating in the community, perhaps to try out coworking for the first time, but aren’t yet looking for regular access to a workspace. What it includes: 1 day or 8 hours of hot […]

Bonik Connect 1000 BDT

You are new business owners who need a professional address, but perhaps don’t yet have the capital to finance a full-time desk in an office? A virtual office gives you a place to send your mail, host your business meetings, and a community of peers who are also getting their business off the ground. What […]

Bonik Virtual Office 3500 BDT

Perfect for the side hustlers, the weekender membership is built for those looking to get their business off the ground outside of their 9-5 office job or entrepreneurs who are strapped for cash. It includes use of the desks in your venue during the non-peak hours. What it includes: Unlimited weekend-only access to hot desks […]

Bonik Weekender 3000 BDT

For those seeking a balance of flexibility and routine, the hot desk membership is a perfect fit. Hot desk memberships are BYOE (bring your own equipment), making them a great option for members wanting a coworking take on the coffee shop environment. Offer both part-time and full-time options to appeal to an even wider range. […]

Bonik Hot Desk 6500 BDT

Your most committed solopreneurs (and startups who don’t need their own private office) will love the dedicated desk membership. A member with a dedicated desk plan chooses a desk within your coworking space to call their own. What it includes: 24/7 access to a dedicated workstation 10 hours of meeting room rental included  Access to […]

Bonik Dedicated Desk 9500 BDT

For startups, small remote teams, and members needing a bit more privacy, offering private offices are a very popular option. Private office memberships give members access to the security and privacy of their own office while still allowing them to be a part of your co working community. What it includes: 24/7 access to their […]

Bonik Private Office 18000 BDT

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